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 Who We Are

Imagine receiving a quarterly box perfectly curated for you with beauty, hair care, skincare, makeup, fashion , grooming, health, lifestyle, and packaged food, ugh what a life! Our customers are able to unbox a new world  because there has yet to exists a subscription box company solely dedicated to minority-owned and women-owned businesses, until now. We are bringing a new world, a new perspective to subscription box commerce. Every box is an opportunity to explore products by companies you probably never heard of. And to top it all off, you can purchase those products directly from our site. Stock your refrigerators, cabinets, closets, and makeup bags only with the best from The Izzy Box.

The founder of The Izzy Box, Isabelle Fesale, decided in 2018, to be more intentional when purchasing products. She would eagerly tell her friends and family about the products she was using as they were minority-owned and women-owned businesses. But to her surprise, her friends would express how challenging it was for them to find products owned by minorities, and at that very moment, The Izzy Box came to life. The Izzy Box is not only a subscription box based business but it is  a world where you can easily and efficiently support business owners that not only look like you, but are consistently producing products made for you. 




  Our Philosophy

We are committed to partnering with brands with rooted values in clean and sustainable living and beauty. Additionally, we believe that businesses should care not just about profits but also about possessing a social responsibility and we do that not just by our mission as a company but also through our philanthropic efforts. Every year, 5% of our profits go to charity and during the holidays, our customers get to choose which charity they would like 1% of their purchase to go to.

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